The mysteries of life revealed in numerology

The mysteries of life revealed in numerology

Which cycle are you in this year?
Numbers were not invented…they were discovered! They have always existed. The brilliant Greek philosopher, Pythagoras (born 582 bc) taught in his school that ‘numbers’ are the principles of all things, and that the evolutionary cycle of 1 to 9 embraces all expression within the range of human life. He based all of his teachings on mathematics, music and astrology. He taught that each number has its own vibration, a pattern of life forces that affects us all.

Vibration is electrical current passing through the air. It can be light, sound, color, motion or heat. It is energy in motion. Everything has a vibration; rocks, houses, tables, chairs, trees, and even the earth. All have their own vibration just as each of us has our own rate of vibration. Some people move more slowly while others move quickly. Numerology is based upon the vibratory action of each number.

There are only nine (9) numbers. All others are just combinations of these vital numbers: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9. Knowing what numerical cycle you are under each year gives you a better chance to play the part in life that is most beneficial. With numerology, we can interpret the affairs of our life, for it is based on the fundamentals of mathematics and is universal in its significance in accord with natural law.

If one day NASA discovers that a being of high intelligence exists on other planets, and should we be able to communicate that distance, all preliminary messages would be transferred through the use of numbers. Language is an invention; mathematics is a discovery. Words can be forgotten, lost or abandoned, but numbers will always exist. They express the fundamental thoughts of mankind. Each of the vital numbers carries a definite thought. Distinctive and purposeful to that number. Each has its own specific meaning; Meanings that date back to the beginning of time, through the mist of the ages. Long before Pythagoras, traces were found of the science of numbers in the Egyptian ritual of the dead, the Indian Vegas and the Chinese circle of the heavens. Now, I will share this ancient wisdom by analyzing your very own numerical cycle for this current year.


Example: let’s say you are born September 21st; 9/21/2016.
Now add all the numbers together; 9+2+1+2+0+1+6=39
Now add 3+9= 12 (no number higher than 9)
Add 1+2 =3
You are in a 3 year cycle. Read paragraph for the #3.

Another example: let’s say you are born October 8th; 10/8.
Add 1 +0 + 8 +2+0+1+5= 17
Now add 1+7 = 8
Read paragraph for #8

Another example: let’s say you are born September 6th 9/6
Now add all the numbers together; 9+6+2+0+1+5= 23
Now add 2+3 =5
Read paragraph for #5

Number one year

Your personal number this year is number one! Many of us ask for that proverbial second chance. “If I could do it over again, oh, how different it would be. I could improve, I could avert disaster.” Well, listen, during this first year, number one year for you, you will get a fresh start, new direction, and added independence of thought and action. Don’t be afraid to be original. Imprint your style and don’t follow anyone’s train. Let others follow your train. You get to the heart of matters. Be direct. Take initiative. Listen where affairs of the heart are concerned; make this announcement to the world, ‘I will not play second fiddle.’ You will not drive away lovers, associates or friends. They will look at you as if to say, ‘well, what took you so long? We’ve been waiting for that kind of announcement.’ during this year, July will be a standout month. You will attract individuals born under Leo and Aquarius. Many of the persons who play major roles in your life during this number one year for you will have these letters or initials in their names; a, s and j. You are going to attract some ‘showy’, dynamic, creative people, and most important, a person to appreciate you. If single, new love could be on the horizon. Whether you are married or single, the experience will be on a different level. You will be creatively selfish. In other words, you’ll have enough self-esteem so that people will not take you for granted. Your lucky numbers throughout your number one year would be 3, 7, and 6. Be determined, develop a system, and organize so that you can take advantage of the new opportunities that come your way this year.

Key words this year are:

Don’t be lazy! Whatever you sow now you will reap. Start new things. This is a year for actionand new beginnings. It is a time for creative activity and progressive planning for decisive initiatives.

Number two year

Your personal year this year is number two! When you are responding to the number two cycle, remember the the yin and yang, or the positive and the negative. Here is the (negative or challenging) part for you. Others will take or try to take your ideas and make them their own. Documentation is needed. Here is the positive side of this year for you. You are going to be popular. If you are running for office, you’ll win by a landslide. This time is especially good for dealings with women and the populace in general. You regain your sense of direction and motivation. Information which you have imparted in past years is now making sense to those you were ‘educating’. That seems minor on the surface, but it dug deep. This renewed connection with mind, body and spirit means a lot to you because this year you are going to be more in tune with the masses. If single, you may marry. If married, there could be an addition to the family. Don’t panic, could be addition of a family pet. Married or single, you’ll put some money, time and emotion into a commercial enterprise. That enterprise will deal mostly with, personal issues; however, in addition, you will be reaching multitudes of people and attending to what it is that they need to live life more fully. Pay attention to the moon and its cycles. Stirring emotions and self-image benefits all. All opportunities are open wide for you. June and August will be memorable. Your lucky numbers for this year are 2, 6, and 9. You will win by not forcing issues this year. time and emotion into a commercial enterprise. That enterprise will deal mostly with, personal issues; however, in addition, you will be reaching multitudes of people and attending to what it is that they need to live life more fully. Pay attention to the moon and its cycles. Stirring emotions and self-image benefits all. All opportunities are open wide for you. June and August will be memorable. Your lucky numbers for this year are 2, 6, and 9. You will win by not forcing issues this year. Say to yourself,

what is mine will come to me.’
Don’t Wait.
Time is as much for action as attraction.
Things come to you if you are quiet and receptive.
Things are germinating.
Sift through and pull things together.
You are ready for accumulation.

Number three year

During this kind of cycle, your number three year, you are very lucky because number 3 is considered one of the luckiest numbers as far as the artistic trinity; that trinity being 3, 6 and 9. Number three is associated with the largest planet, Jupiter, and Jupiter is known as the planet of greater fortune. When people say, ‘you’re so lucky.’ Just reply, ‘it is funny, isn’t it? The harder I work, the luckier I get’. Two months in which your work and luck will combine and blend will be May and September. You are going to travel more this year. Social activities accelerate. You’ll be very sensitive concerning body image and your weight. You will add to your wardrobe. Go ahead and do this, your apparel is most important this year. Early this year, locate legal documents, including passport and birth certificate. You might have to travel at the drop of a hat. You are most gregarious this year. You are going to be so popular that you’ll become active in political and charitable campaigns and organizations. By the way, you would be and excellent fundraiser, especially for someone that knows something about numbers and wants somebody to raise money and prepare press releases. You would be the perfect choice. Your lucky numbers throughout the year will be the artistic trinity, 3, 6 and 9. If you make the effort, this can be one of the most constructive years of your life.

Keywords for this year are:

DEnjoy, be cheerful and optimistic.
This is the year to cultivate the old and make new friends.
You enjoy the performing arts.
Accept invitations.
Be careful not to scatter your energies.
Share you enthusiasm with others.
Time to express.
You are a halo of light!

Number four year
During this year, number 4, many persons will wonder why you seem to be so restricted and closed in. In a way, that’s a blessing. You might want them to feel that because, now, more than ever you will need to protect your precious privacy. You are bursting with creative energy. Number 4 is one of the most interesting, challenging cycles because it relates to Pluto, Uranus and the Sun. Success comes in this way, and when you go with the tide and follow your cycle, it is almost impossible to fail. What you need to do is tear down for the ultimate purpose of rebuilding on a more suitable base. As far as commercial projects are concerned, you are lucky in real estate this year. You may seriously consider buying, moving and changing address. That would be fine, too. You are learning the rules in order to break them. You’ll be more confident in what you do. Taurus, Leo and Scorpio persons will figure prominently in your life. Persons, who come in and out of your scenario in memorable, meaningful ways, could have these initials in their names: j, m and v. April will be the most memorable month. You could hit the financial jackpot. If single, April marks the time when your relationship is so intensified that it could lead to a relationship. Under this number four-year, you break away because the restrictions and regulations and rules are learned thoroughly, and you are now able to go out on your own. If ‘involved’, you feel your devotion to each other, more so. The remarkable thing about this cycle is that what seems to be failure will boomerang in your favor. Your lucky numbers are 4, 8, and 6. You gain by attending to responsibilities in a gentle, loving way.

Key words for this year are:

Keep busy. Take a practical approach.
Get down to brass tacks. This is a work year, not a time to loaf.
Build and dig in and prepare for a vacation next year.

Put all affairs in perfect order. Be practical.
Follow a healthful diet. Stay away from sugar.
Be dutiful. Work!
Sounds boring but you’ll find a way to ‘spice’ it up!

Number five year

This could be one of your most exciting periods. Number 5 corresponds to mercury, which is communication and writing. Whether you are a professional writer or not, many persons will tell you that you have a way with words. During the number five year, you have greater freedom of thought, expression, action, and you are not afraid to be creative, to imprint your own style. When people tell you “that’s only your opinion”; ask them, ‘what other opinion would I be expressing except my own?’ People will look at you in a new light. You will exude personal magnetism, sensuality, and sex appeal. People will first be attracted to you because of your mental acuity. Coupled with your familiarity with words, subjects, and your intellectual curiosity. The initial mental attraction will then be transformed into physical. If single, this could be a marriage year. Your most memorable months are apt to be March and December. Change, travel, variety, writing, reading, recreation, communicating, recording, photographing and rejuvenation. Play your hunches. This is a creative year for you. If you are fond of travel, this is the time to check various travel agencies to plan a tour, to participate in or attend lectures, and to communicate information or knowledge. It will be one of your most fulfilling years. But, during February, there will be a spiritual revelation. You’ll feel that you know why you are here. Your lucky numbers for you throughout the year: 5, 3 and 2. During your number five year, you will relate specifically to individuals born under Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Some of these persons will inspire you to write, to speak, to lecture, and to express your views. This is your year, this number five year! You will be fulfilled. You will be in demand. Perhaps you did not realize the positive affect upon people. You really did know, only now you have the opportunity to give of yourself in a positive manner. Congratulations!

Keywords for this year are:
Get out of the rut. Feel free…go!
Advertise and promote
Be ready for happy surprises

Number six year

This number six year is going to be an active year, but you will also have time to smell the perfume, to view the flowers, to hear the music. Your cycle this year relates to Venus. If you are single, get ready, because your single days could be numbered. If married, enjoy a 2nd honeymoon. During this cycle, based on years and years of observation, major domestic adjustment takes place that could include actual change of residence. You will encounter, in meaningful ways, persons born under the sign of Taurus, Libra and Scorpio. You may find this is mystifying, but you’ll find it interesting. Check the letters or initials in the names of persons who come in and out of your scenario. The letters or initials apt to appear in the names of those persons are: f, o and p. During the number six year, but specifically in September, you’re going to beautify your surroundings. You could be remodeling or refurbishing, you will obtain large household products, or rearrange your furniture. Because you feel better, you’ll look better, and your residence will be more appealing. If you are planning to sell your home this will enhance the asking price. Emphasize color coordination and music in your life. Harmony is restored and siblings may now be on track. Recently, before this cycle, you had a tiff or a dispute concerning ‘how to’ do certain things, that’’ going to be settled amicably. Your health will improve because of less sugar. These numbers will be very fortunate for you throughout the year: 6, 4 and 1. You will be needed in many directions.

Keywords for this 6-year are:

Be adjustable. Narrow down a bit.

Enjoy home life. There will be contentment there and love
You may move, redecorate or remodel your home (or all 3).
Don’t hustle or bustle.
Comfort those you love.

Number seven year

Enjoy this year of preparation, ….things are forming. During this 7-year, there are going to be some challenges and some changes. Do not equate delay with defeat. You are being given a chance to get a second emotional breather. You are able to draw in now, to streamline techniques and procedures, and to perfect methods. You could be your own most severe critic. This may be you seek what is almost impossible ‘perfection’. This year you are going to learn to see people, faces, and situations as they actually exist and not merely as you wish they might be. You can’t fail this year unless you fall into a trap of self-deception, and that’s not easy. As a matter of fact, it’s almost impossible for others to fool you during this cycle, but you could fool yourself because you begin to lean over backward to see the other person’s side of the question. You’ve been doing that a little too often. During this number seven year, you’ll realize that you’ve given more and so you will receive ‘more’. Draw lines and outlines boundaries. You’ll be drawn to, attracted to real estate. It will be design. It will be architecture. January and October will be memorable. You assimilate. Good year to travel by water. Pisces, Virgo persons figure prominently. The letters g, p and y standout and you will find your fortunate numbers this year are 7, 3, and 5. You will come to realize a plan of great importance this year if you do not try to force issues.

Keywords for this year are:
Prepare, time for reflection and perfection

Good financial vibrations if you don’t strain. Await developments.
Spend lots of time alone to get acquainted with your powers and future desires.
Analyze everything. Listen to the voice within.
Take up new studies.
Prepare for the great fortune due next year.

Number Eight Year

This is your power play year! During your number 8 year, the planetary symbol is Saturn. Saturn is number eight. It is a commercial number and it demands learning from experience. Someone more metaphysically inclined with recognize that number eight is the oriental magic number. Number 8 is power, it’s sensuality, and it’s sex. Nothing happens in halfway manner during this cycle. September will be your most memorable month of this year. In December, you are back together with some family members, friends, and associates. In December, something very unusual occurs. Perhaps an old torch; an old flame is reignited. If you permit that old flame to singe you, you could be throwing away something very stable and very fortunate, very profitable, very satisfying, very emotionally healing, were you to try to step backward. This is the year to use your energy in constructive ways because it will pay off. Don’t waste it. Now during this number eight year, you will be successful commercially. There will be more responsibility, pressure and time limitation. You’ll beat deadlines and could hit a financial jackpot! Incidentally, people will find you very alluring and attractive, almost irresistible. So, be responsible. Don’t break too many hearts. Capricorn and Cancer persons play key roles in your life this year. Also, the letters or initials apt to appear in names of those persons are: h, a and p. It is a year to be very business-like and practical because there is great opportunity if you direct your energies properly. Remember that this is your power year. Now is the time to compel things to come to you.

Keywords for this year are:

Expand, take a chance.
Great forward strides and great rewards.
Material gain from pressure you welcome.
Your Mantra this year: I am filled with pure inspiration and light. What I conceive I can receive.

Number nine year

During this number nine-year cycle, the accent is on universal appeal. You will not be parochial or limited. A time for fulfillment and completion. This is a very challenging, very interesting, fascinating year. Old rules and regulations no longer apply. The rules in many of your endeavors will bend in your favor deliberately. In other words, when you succeed, others will also succeed. Naturally, you will be propped up, so to speak. If it looks as if you are going to fall, there will be a dozen people to catch you. But you are going to fail unless you realize that the ‘old’ ways won’t work now. You are gaining a wider audience. You are going to travel, possibly overseas. You’ll correspond with some people from foreign lands. If married, your love for each other is re-kindled. If single, you’ll fall in love with an individual who is very polished; with plenty of panache, who speaks more than one language, and who will introduce you to foreign cuisine. This will be a different type of love. If single, during number nine-year you search for a soul mate. Some people may say that it’s impossible or that it’s a myth. Tell them that it might be a myth, and that it might be impossible, but that it works for you and that you are not going to be satisfied with the status quo. You’ll be getting that proverbial second chance. Don’t waste it. You are more understanding this year. August will be a most memorable month. Aries, Libra persons figure prominently in your scenario. Some of these persons have the letters or initials in their names: R, A and I. Your lucky numbers throughout the year are; 9, 1, and 8. You will realize a completion and also fulfillment of some of your dreams.

Keywords for the year are:

Prepare for a new beginning.
Weed out all the dead wood.
A burden is taken off your shoulders.
Clear out what you don’t need.
This is a humanitarian year fill with love! Congratulations.