Going Away to College Astrologically



ARIES: You are the first sign on the ‘zoo wheel’ or zodiac and so you must be first and ‘in charge’. If you have a ‘room sharer’ who is docile and follows your lead, all will be well in the dorm or apartment. A Libran type, peace loving and gentle would be ideal. An Aquarian who is ‘far out’ could be amusing, interesting, and fun to be with until she/ he takes out his/her harmonica or banjo and begins making noise. You don’t want to have a ‘never forget a slight’ Scorpio crawling around the place, unless s/he has evolved into an Eagle and soars and enlightens. This may be, my Ram friend, the time to learn to lower your shield and (to use my granddaughter’s words) CHILL! You will learn much during the course of your college education about yourself, the world and people.

  • You must be first never last
  • Looking forward forget the past
  • Blazing new trails, full steam ahead
  • Set the ‘alarm’ before going to bed

TAURUS: You sensual sweet ones need, first of all, a person who will not eat your food without asking! You seek those who are ‘in tune’ with your hopes and dreams for the future. Seek someone who moves at a little slower pace than the norm. One who likes enjoying quiet time, music, the arts, peace and lots of spiritual space. A Crab, (cancer) may share your values as far as family, sharing a good meal, and knowing when you need company and when you prefer to be alone. A Gemini type may be too chatty when you want silence. The Leo could be too social and impose her/his ‘party time’ on you when you least expect it. Sagittarius may not know where the line ends with his/her views on any subject; Capricorn can be curt and sometimes too cold. Ah, a Virgo; with his/her innate knowing of how and why could be perfect.

  • A lover of nature and what it provides
  • Within your sweetness good taste and love resides
  • You prefer to be peaceful listening to lore
  • Except when prodded or provoked your horns will gore

GEMINI: You are known to be the communicators of the zodiac! Find a roomie who will engage in deep conversations and can add to your vast knowledge of almost everything. An Aries who is excited about life and living could join with you in lively conversation. Avoid a Taurus who at times is verbose and others so silent you might want to put a mirror in front of his/her nose and mouth to ascertain breathing or dead. Leo could be fun, but you may get tired of always having the conversation turning to her/him and what his/her view is on the subject. Now, the Libra who sees all sides of the question or subject could be very interesting and fun. Whatever sign shares your space it will not be dull for them, and it could be a great experience for you for at least one year. Change is a good thing for you, always.

  • A computer like brain sifting facts
  • Well aware of what this ‘spinning globe’ lacks
  • Possessing a sense of humor like no other
  • You may have a ‘time twin’, sister or brother

CANCER: You who love home, family and the comfort of familiars may have a difficult time, initially trying to adjust to new surroundings and people. This can change quickly with the right companions sharing your space. You need a ‘safe’ place where you feel secure and nurtured while you learn. People who share your home and possessions, they too must share your values and not intrude on your emotions or where your sleep. Seek out a person who can be quiet when you feel you need solitude and verbose when you like to be entertained. The he or she who can best suit you; most likely would be a sweet, caring and forgiving Pisces. Also, The Bull, (Taurus) when docile makes a perfect companion for you. Most likely a Sagittarius won’t fit your ideal as a roommate. A Capricorn type could fit the bill and may get you out of your shell.

  • A nurturer, reflecting light and love
  • Considered an ‘angel’ sent from above
  • Controlling ‘moodiness’ and emotional balance
  • Allows for displaying your numerous talents

LEO: You are the ‘original’ party animal! Be sure your companions and those who share your Lair are in tune with your personality. As you mature, settle in and realize the reason you went to college was to ‘learn’ or gain knowledge, the fun may subside. However, when ‘break time’ comes, it’s fun, fun, fun. Lion or Lioness (male or female) you are both performers and attract attention for one reason or another; if your roomie is OK with this fact all will be well, if not? You may find yourself changing partners quite a bit. One way to offset the ‘changes’ is to select a compatible and suitable roommate. You are generous to a fault and as a result the intellectual Gemini may appreciate what you have to offer. Also, another Leo might be fun and kind of like a soul sister/brother. Aquarius, love and let live type may be perfect for you.

  • You’re a ruler, whose fairness is renown
  • Your generosity is the talk of the town
  • Within your lair no room for a liar
  • Children and ‘love’ is your heart’s desire

VIRGO: You require a bit of privacy and decorum in the dorm! Perhaps you could acquire a little space for your health food, supplements and comfort needs. Although one may describe you as ‘picky’ or MS/Mr. PERFECT you really are a lovable and a most helpful roommate. Let it be known; you do not share well personally; especially your wardrobe. You will help out fellow roomie with advice on which subjects to take, places to go and where to findthe cleanest places to eat. You cannot help being one who finds fault; it’s innate and well meaning. Remember, it’s not your job to critique or ‘make better’ everything and everybody. Anyone who wants a person to keep them on their toes while getting a higher education is perfect for you. A compassionate, sweet and understanding Cancer would fit the bill. Also, a deep and misunderstood Pisces could use a little solace from you. If possible, avoid the rambunctious Ram,(Aries) s/he may unnerve and irritate. The soft, solicitous Scorpio could add a little spice to your life

  • Perfection and exactness is your name
  • The mold was broken from whence you came
  • Time and stress upon you have no effect
  • Forever youthful while commanding respect

LIBRA: Making friends and influencing people also being an arbitrator at times could take a lot of your precious time while in the dorm. Soft lights and muted colors would suit you fine, and those who are lighthearted and warm are what is needed (as a roommate) to make your living experience while away from home pleasant. At all costs there must be harmony in your domicile! If you can limit sharing a room with only one person this could be achieve easily; more than three could shake your world a little. You are ruled by the higher octave of Venus, your thoughts, needs and persona are nothing if not elegant and refined. Crudeness or rudeness will not do in your ‘world’. Another Venus ruled sign such as Taurus could blend nicely with your inner need for peace and pleasantness. The talkative and nit picking Virgo may not fit in with your idea of ‘ideal’. The fun loving and roaming Sagittarius might invade your ‘space’ too much. Another such as your highly evolved self would be divine; May I suggest another Libra. A quiet Lion or Lioness could be a good fit for you.

  • Diplomatic and gracious ‘balance’ is thy name
  • Artistic endeavors & accomplishment bring fame
  • Poetic words fill your mind
  • Read carefully before you sign

SCORPIO: You need only a bed, desk and a place to hang a few garments! As for roommates with whom you will share space; People who will adhere to your ‘rules’ will do just fine. It’s your duty to admonish them immediately, you are a most social person but at times, ‘you want to be alone!’ If this is agreeable to all parties there will be no problem as far as you are concerned. You can alter any negative situation just by analyzing and digging deeper than most. Generally warm hearted and very loving, and giving to a fault; but once betrayed or imposed upon your sting is a nasty thing to behold. What your roommates must know; you are a fixed water sign, the water flows and is deep at times, shallow at others, but once hurt your turn to ICE. To avoid hard feelings or ‘stings’ find others who are docile, loving, and think you are the BEST. Consider the charming and emotional Cancer; s/he will give you soft words of encouragement when needed. Avoid the ego of the Lion/Lioness (Leo) for tempers may dampen your spirits. Capricorn impassionate and practical minded may have the spunk to bring you up when needed.

  • Only you can be ‘bad’ while being ‘good’
  • Doing naughtiness the way you should
  • Sex and love your claim to fame
  • The nature of the beast is to blame

SAGITTARIUS: You need someone who can share your love of sports, outdoors, and ‘freedom’! Those who like to be negative or talk about ‘what’s wrong with the world’ would not survive with you as a roommate and vice versa. Your enthusiasm and zest for everything you love could be contagious and so if you find yourself with a ‘Downer’ they may convert! Always wondering and seeking to find something new, you could change your Major often. Doing so could cause you to remain in the confines of a learning place longer than you would like. You are easily bored with routine and people who don’t share your point of view. The intellectual and every changing Gemini might be a good fit for you in sharing space. Also, a well-balanced Libra could settle you down and encourage you to be a bit more intellectual and less scattered. Being with another Sagittarius may be loads of fun but disastrous as far as furthering your college education. The aerodyne Aquarius may stimulate your desire to know more about abstract happenings.

  • Like an arrow shot through thin air
  • Your truthfulness at times hard to bear
  • Your heart is true with a mind that is sharp
  • Hold your tongue less other think you ‘harp’

CAPRICORN: You are the ‘supreme one’ in that you like everything to fit in properly. Your living space and your working space may be one and the same. You prefer to do one thing at a time and you like to do it WELL! Being a Cardinal/Earth sign you want structure and order; anyone who does not want the same may be in for some rude awakening. You will not mince words or guard your feelings about anything. You are an ‘authority figure’; from early in life through adult-hood and into old age. The good news is you are ‘old’ when young and ‘young’ when old. A homey and sweet Cancer might fit well in your plan for a roommate. Also, the strong, firm yet congenial Taurus may recognize your strengths and yield to them. The fiery, Mars rules Aries and Scorpio they could give you a run for your collegiate life; you might want to avoid any living arrangements with them. The compassionate and artsy Pisces may seek and find the soft side of your nature.

  • Diligent, high-minded, goal oriented too
  • Others follow your example and look to you
  • Careful of your image and name
  • Those who are envious seek to defame

AQUARIUS: You should seek a modern place in which to spend your years at college! High tech and all the modern conveniences would suit you just fine. You like the same in your close relationships; those who are seeking the new, the innovative and the adventuresome. Some might call you ‘unpredictable’. While creating new rules you shock and amaze those around you. In friendship and in love as well as in living you would do well to have those of like mind near you. Personal freedom and liberal ideas and ideals describe you best. The Lion or Lioness (Leo) may be a good fit with you. Their ‘sunny’ disposition and friendliness could be the catalyst that joins and binds. Those signs interested only in academia are not a good match for sharing anything with you. Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn types to name a few may balk at your antics. Aries may enjoy your companionship and learn to be a little more ‘out there’ with you as a roommate.

  • You are an unusual one
  • Seeking information while finding fun
  • Uniqueness of thought your wealth
  • Regular exercise will insure good health

PISCES: You are always thinking of ways to make ALL better; as a result, who wouldn’t want you as a person with which to share space! There are not many who would find your soothing and giving nature offense. Ah, but there are a few; the flamboyant Leo; the adventuresome Sagittarius; and the often nonverbal Capricorn. Since your flair for creating and being artistic is evident seek out those of like talents, visions and goal. One may be a creative and sometimes retiring Cancer. MS/Mr. Perfection Virgo could be an interesting mate with which to share time and space. S/he could help you find a semblance of order to your controlled messiness and sometime chaotic life. Whomever you live with during you college years; DO NOT BRING IN STRAY ANIMALS without first consulting with the individuals living with you.

  • Ever seeking unseen beauty
  • Helping others with same- a duty
  • Park your anxieties out of sight
  • Know everything will be all right