Saturn as of this writing is visiting the sign of Sagittarius!


Our society tells us; one reaches majority or adulthood at age 21. Astrology explains one does not reach the age of true adulthood until age 28-30. At that age, Saturn makes it second sojourn back to the place it was at birth. It may cause an identity crisis; there may be changes in your profession or career and mostly a realization that you are ‘in the world’ even though at times you may feel, you don’t belong. Now the journey begins, the path is before you, at times difficult to follow all the twists and turns. There are many cycles in one’s life; most will be seen by those who follow their true Path. The trip in life is or can be made a bit easier with an astrologer as your guide. In astrology Saturn is like the teacher you had in school; s/he had you write or recite the same formula over and over until you became sick of it. However, in later life you reflect and now know it was a good lesson that teacher gave you and all the repetition is serving you well. Repetition is the Mother of Learning! At this time, Saturn is moving through the sign of Sagittarius. If you are between 28-30 years of age; 58-60 years of age you are experiencing, what is called, a Saturn return. How is this likely to affect you? Depending upon in what area of your horoscope it is passing by and how close it is in degrees while it moves or transits will determine the effect it will have upon you. If you would like to know how the slow moving planet Saturn is affecting you; contact me and I’ll let you know the highs and lows of your journey.
An example: if Saturn is moving over your ascendant or first section of your personal horoscope you may become more serious about your life, job, family and possibly your appearance. If Saturn moves through your 2nd area; there may be finances and income which you will be focused on. And so it goes around the 12 sections of your individual horoscope. (If you have your horoscope and would like to know how Saturn is personally affecting you, contact me and I’ll explain.)
For now let’s just look at the signs of the zodiac.


You are now looking at how you perceive yourself and others in the scheme of your life. There is an awareness of what you must do to get things going in many sectors of your life. You may act on instinct and know you have a keen awareness of what is coming. Discipline and conserving your energy concentrating on the important factors and letting the trivial go. Your personal growth knows no bounds.


Economize and deepen your personal values. Become grounded and rooted in what is positive and productive. Self-awareness is most important, also self-promotion. There is a need to use all your senses in order to know you are alive and functioning. What you do now will serve you well for many years to come.
Gemini: Focus and reflect on being ‘still’. Meditation and prayer each morning will help you achieve this need peace. Your ability to communicate and allowing others into your experiences is the key to your success. You have verbal and mental abilities far above the average individual. Facing reality and your self-awareness releases you from your mental wandering and restlessness.
More on how Saturn affects the signs of the zodiac to follow.


The responses you receive during this period and how your respond to them will shape your future. This is the time when you learn how to deal with your emotions, both negative and positive. It is also a chance to learn about why you react or hide from your ‘feelings’. Personal security is or may be a focus during this time. Your fluctuating passions and disciplines are now seen by you; how you use them or not is the question. Setting boundaries in your personal life for yourself and others will help in the future becoming more and more happy, productive and profitable.
Leo: Curbing your EGO and showing your expertise is the key to this period. Be positive there is no future in being a pessimist! Your inner purpose and prime motivation can be seen and had through discipline and attention to detail. Learning how to feel secure, even with and through your insecurities, is paramount. Define yourself in well thought out plans, have your needs fit the wants of others. You can be as bright and nurturing as your ruler, the sun.


Being open and non-critical of yourself and others is most important during this period. Go within and sense how you are feeling about a situation, don’t try to analyze everything or everyone in your life. Being or seeking perfection is a never ending goal; details and exactness are not always necessary. You may not always find the answer(s) you seek for there are no ‘answers’ that will satisfy your ‘perfect’ self. Learn to be a Practical Idealist, by doing so you will feel, look, act and react in a much more satisfying and productive matter. Through it all ‘you are so good looking’!


Seeking ‘light’ rather than waiting for someone to direct you to it is a better way now. Librans are beautiful Venus ruled beings, but often they miss the boat just because they wondered if it was the ‘right one’. You’ll never know unless you jump on board. At times, your impatience leads to indecision in love, work and activities. Stop weighing the pros and cons and start doing, even if someone else thinks it’s ‘wrong’. How wonderful to take control of your life and not ‘blame’ others for your missed opportunities. Life for you is scary at times, be afraid and take a chance; your happiness and your destiny awaits you.


Passion is the one word which best describes you high flying Eagles. Many do not know there are two octaves of Scorpio; the lowly scorpion who stings and the Eagle who soars higher than any creature on earth. Many have used the phoenix who rises from his/her own ashes. You have a decision now, which will you BE? This can be a period when you learn ‘control’; whatever your short comings you now have the opportunity to curb and eliminate them forever! It requires FOCUS and attention to that which is important and necessary for you to feel your life has meaning and purpose


For some of you this could be a difficult but necessary section in time. Jupiter your ruler is 180 degrees from Saturn. Contrary to what you have heard, ‘opposites do not attract’; like attracts like. You are pulling in your energies, conserving in all areas of your life, physical, emotional and material. You will build on a solid foundation and encourage others to follow or join with you. Your expansive mind and personality will turn daydreams into reality; you are showing others the way while you fulfill your destiny. A W E S O M E is a mantra I once gave to a special soul; I urge you to adopt it.


You are old when you are young and young when you are old! You ‘goats’ are use to responsibility and take it on naturally from an early age. However, you can be a bit ‘set in your ways’. This period gives you the opportunity to lessen your grip and holding power to look at other’s point of view. You are austere and times a bit rigid in your beliefs and work ethic. A transformation and feeling of being reborn is likely to happen for most of you who lessen their reigns and go with the flow.


Everyone knows the story of a mother watching the parade and nudges the women next to her; ‘look everyone is out of step except my child!’ Nonconforming and a bit unusual are some words most would use to describe the typical Aquarian. You are the ‘rebels’ of the zodiac; if not for you we would still be singing ‘hail to the king or queen’. Ideas and seeing the future is your most beneficial gift to humanity. Most think because your symbol is ‘the water bearer’ you are a water sign, you are not, You are an air sign. A thinker of the first order, not in the ordinary or common sense, but progressive and one might say, ‘ahead of the times’. During this period focus on what can and cannot be changed; in yourself and in the world in which you live.


You are the dreamers, the artists, the poets; during this period focus on bringing to the world in which you live a bit of these gifts combined with function and usefulness for all. Use your powers of intuition with others by making it or giving it FORM. Before a chair can be sat upon it must first be imagined. Don’t cling to that, which is comfortable or familiar, but rather branch out and sing, tell, write, show your message to others. Take what you glean from ‘other worlds’ and bring it down to a level for all to use and enjoy. If a plan, project or idea was rejected in the past bring up again but in a manner easily understood. Success and gratitude are waiting; you are defining yourself in a new/original way.