All Star Path services are performed by Ms. Day. Her experience spans more than 40 years of success working with public company CEOs, entrepreneurs,celebrities, royalty, and numerous individuals who are seeking insights and benefits that only she with her unique astrological skills can provide.

Inner Circle Membership

Astrological insight is most effective when used as a process that unfolds and deepens over time. Inner Circle Members receive the highest level of attention and service from Antoinette Day, the founder and president of STAR PATH.

Inner Circle Membership is for people who not only seek to get a deeper understanding of their current challenges and opportunities in the unmatched way Ms. Day can provide, but also want to proactively go into their future and create increased leverage to reach goals and maximize success and happiness.

This service keeps these select clients connected with a 45 minute twice- monthly consultation ‘rhythm’ with Ms. Day. All successful people know the virtue of regular rhythmic actions to assure goals are met and progress is made. Inner Circle members will start with a complete customized personal horoscope. From there, the service launches with a comprehensive one hour orientation, review, and analysis via telephone. Questions are answered, forecasts are made, and then the twice monthly 45 minute sessions follow. The 45 minutes sessions will continue to answer new questions, deepen your insights, and give a unique view and understanding of your most important circumstances that cannot be assessed any other way.

Investment: $195 per month. (6 month minimum) Members are accepted by application only. Slots are limited to 20 so each member can get comprehensive attention. If membership is full, applicants will be placed on a priority waiting list. (Additional 30 minutes slots may be purchased at a rate of $75 each at the discretion of the client.)

The Comprehensive Astrological Consultation

This panoramic service is a deep-dive into your astrological experience. Clients will be treated to a past, present, and future analysis, natal and progress horoscopes, a one hour initial telephone consultation. Ms. Day commits several hours to preparing and interpreting your horoscope in advance of the live interaction.

The benefits of this service include:

  • Be introduced to ‘yourself’ like never before in 3 dimensions: Intellectually, Emotionally, and Spiritually.
  • Help solve challenges through unique perspective and understanding.
  • Gain insights about important decisions.
  • Achieve a new vantage point about your past, present and future.

Fee: $395

Astrology and Children

Understanding potential strengths and challenges at an early age can be a game changer. Also, when it comes to how a parent and child can relate to each other, astrological guidance can be of enormous assistance.
This service consists of preparing a natal chart, a comprehensive written analysis of the child’s personality, strengths and challenges, as well as forecasting important future events.

Fee: $399

The Perfect Astrological Insight Gift

Need to get a fun, unique high-impact gift for an important person in your life? Get them a Star Path personal horoscope prepared by Antoinette Day horoscope! This meaningful gift will include the creation of a natal chart with a concise written analysis. People love reading and learning about themselves. This gift will separate you from the typical and will be warmly appreciated by the recipient. Give someone the gift of knowing for years to come.
Please note, this is a comprehensive written analysis. No consultation is included here.

Fee: $195

The Live Group Experience

Tired of boring parties and social gatherings? Get a group of friends and family together for an experience they’ll never forget with Antoinette Day herself! Often people will use the Live Group Experience as a fundraiser.
Each person at this gathering will receive:
A copy of their natal chart. A mini written analysis. A 10 minute face to face consultation A crystal touchstone. A Mercury Retrograde Calendar Card.
here is a 10 guest minimum for this exclusive experience. All fees and guest information must be received at least 3 weeks prior to the event.

Each person at this gathering will receive:

  • A copy of their natal chart.
  • A mini written analysis.
  • A 10 minute face to face consultation
  • A crystal touchstone.
  • A Mercury Retrograde Calendar Card.

Fee: $395 per hour plus travel expenses. (2 hour minimum)



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