2017 A mini view of what is likely to occur for each sign

2017 mini

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Approximate dates depending on the year you were born:

Aries: March 21st April 20th Ruler Mars

You are the ‘leader of the pack’ first and foremost! A fierce fire sign, the first of 3. Your symbol, the Ram, is famous for ramming his head over and over against an object and expecting a different result each time. Eventually becoming tired and hurt you may rest for a while and then continue on with the quest or move on to a weaker more forgiving object. You must always be 1st and so you are the ‘volunteer’ the ‘leader’ and as long as your interest and sense of responsibility is keep intact you will remain steadfast. Mostly, you will become ‘bored’ ‘disenchanted’ and ‘tired’ of the same old same old. When that happens you move on to the next. This is true in work, play and in love; change and newness is your driving force. I have stated many times; ‘if it were not for the Aries type, this country would still be 13 colonies’. ‘What is over the next hill, the next mountain, across the next river, ocean?’ You adventurers must know and must be first to view it.

With the innovative planet, Uranus, moving over your sign there may be changes for many of you sons and daughters of Mars. Depending on your ‘rising sign’ many of you will have changes in your work, where you work and how you work this year. Many will change their area of expertise and some change completely their profession/career. Some of you will incorporate your hobbies or exceptional talents into a money making operation. All the aforementioned is particularly noticeable in the late Aries, or the ones born in the last 10 days of the sign. Saturn, the taskmaster, the teacher/restrictor is in harmony to your Sign this year. It remains so until December 2017. For the entire year, you have the ability to harness and put to use all the knowledge you have gleaned over the years in school, work and play. The summer months may provide some good and expected news of an increase in your income. With Jupiter sitting across from you, you get a good picture of what is expected and what you may expect in return. Optimism and hope reigns supreme with regard to partnership endeavors both person and business. Try to get all partnership agreements in order and working before October 2017 when He, (Jupiter) shifts to a more challenging sign. After that time, your spiritual insights and your understanding of Self becomes highlighted. Your mantra for the year: I have the power to control my destiny.

TAURUS: April 21st May 21st ruler Venus

You are the ‘steady one’, most dependable and constant! An earth sign the first of 3. Your symbol the Bull is known for patience, but once angered there is no holding you back. Afterwards when you have time to reflect you may go back to smelling the roses or planting the fields; until the next time. 2017 promises to be a very productive and rewarding for most of you who have strived and continued to push, prod and produce. Increasing your income and lowering your expenses are high on the list of ‘things to do’. Pursing that which interests you, this includes projects, people and social/business get together with those who ‘lift’ you. Being ruled by Venus you are the Gods and Goddesses of the fine and elegant. As your plans fall into place during the year you will have opportunities to experience it all. Love, friendships and good contacts for future business. One of the secrets to your success is beauty, by exposing yourself and creating an environment of lovely surrounding you will attract the same. No need to go out and exceed your budget/income but seek out little items that give you pleasure and enhance your creative thinking. As the New Year begins your ruler is moving through your area of ‘the past’. Do not be surprised when people from years ago come back, some just to say ‘hello’ others to stir the fires of what might have been. When you are happy there is no limit to what you can achieve or attain. Find things and people who make you happy and you will know and have all you desire. There are changes for you this year, most of them personal. You may change your political or religious/ spiritual beliefs. If not change you may modify them somehow. Legal matters, legacies, suits, money owed and more to do with material matters that have been pending may be settled by the end of this year. Look at the retrograde Mercury periods and try to avoid commitments or the signing of documents during those times. In April, on the 9th, the ‘messenger planet’ will begin a 3 week sojourn in your sign. Lots of ‘do overs’ are possible in many areas of your personal life. Having success this year will necessitate you maintaining a sensible food and drink intake; this applies to both those who need to take off some pounds and those needing to increase their weigh or muscle mass. When seeking answers to your challenges, turn inward for answers not outward. Soul food may not be a physical substance but spiritual nourishment. Mantra: to dispel the darkness of negativity I will light the flame that is within.

Gemini: May 22nd June 21st Ruler Mercury

Your sons and daughters of Mercury will be busy this year; the phrase ‘thoughts have wings’ will apply mostly to those of this sign. You may experience times of déjà vu, knowing something is going to happen before it does. Another example, meeting someone for the first time and thinking you have known them before. While traveling, visiting a place for the first time, yet it is strangely familiar. For some born early in this sign; a long suffering relationship, partnership, job, Major in college could change. This may happen in the latter part of the year, around fall. Pay attention to what is called ‘intuition’, those ‘feelings’ are most likely correct. Neptune, the planet of ‘what’s behind the veil’ and psychic and mysterious happenings is moving over your area of ‘successes’. Through Divine intervention or of a superior who sees your potential, you could advance very well during this coming year. A wise man once said, ‘we have two brains, one in the head, the other in the stomach; the one in the stomach is much better and more reliable.’ For those who are wishing for a child in their life, this is the year it could become a reality. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and fortuitous happenings is smiling on your section of children. The last quarter of this year is when you should pursue ‘outside help’ regarding money, mortgages, and investments. Always seek the expertise of the experienced professional when it comes to your hard earned money. You possess one of the most facile brains and can come up with more answers in an instant than most can provide in an hour. However, endeavor to listen more this year; by doing so you gain even more helpful information and knowledge. Do not engage in disputes or arguments involving politics, religion or philosophy. When asked, give what you believe to be the truth; but when prodded or goaded restrain yourself and that good brain by shutting down. An ignorant individual is not yearning to find the truth on an alternative, but is bent on a bad relationship. Money, money, money, it’s what we need to survive in a material world. When it concerns $$$ you can be impulsive wanting the latest gadgets, electronics, etc. Your earning powers will improve this year; the secret to living well is how you manage the incoming and outgoing of same. Make or have someone set up a budget for you and be determined to live within it. For many months during this year, Venus will be sending to you social and romantic opportunities. Jupiter will be spending most of the year in your area of partnerships; this could add up to romance and permanence of the relationship. You are an ‘air sign’, the first of 3; you first conjure things in your head and then it reaches your physical. Focus, (if you’re single and in the ‘market’ for romance) on someone who has lots of ‘fire’ and/or ‘air’ in their charts. The ‘earth signs’ could be fun, but after a while not entertaining enough for you, much too mundane. A relationship that is fun and full of ‘adventure’ is just what the stars have ordered for you. Mantra: I have the power to advance my hopes and dreams through positive thoughts and sheer will.

Cancer: June 22 July 22nd Ruler The Moon

You are (I feel) one of the most maligned signs of the zodiac; being described as moody, and overreacting, etc. No, you are most sensitive and feeling and compassionate of the signs. You are the caretakers, nurturers and possess great moral strength. The past several years have ‘tested’ your ability to function and go on while keeping the Faith. By following your intuition and good common sense this should be a banner year in many areas of your life and living. The moon is your master and so you wax and wane in temperament and emotion. The secret to feeling better about yourself and others in your life is to ‘program your brain as you would a computer’ every day. Upon wakening have a ritual both mental and physical; a positive physical and mental exercise before beginning your daily routine. It may be difficult for you to solely focus on YOU because for so long you have been programed to do for others before yourself. You are not responsible for making everything OK; at times you must let go and let God; take care of life’s happenings.

Pluto the planet of transformation and change is still opposite you and as it has in past years again this year could bring changes in relationships, occupation, and your general outlook on your present state of affairs. Much may begin and end for you this year; the way you view things, people and events, passions increasing or decreasing with regard to people and events. Although most of you prefer the status quo you may realize this year, the only way to advance and be successful is to change. And so, those of you who can ‘change’ will be happy you did and those who cannot will never know. As Neptune continues to move over your area of that which is unfamiliar and your higher mind you will know by using your faith and belief in yourself and your gifts that happiness comes. In order to achieve you must follow your dream even if others scoff and try to deter you. Research some of the grandest and greatest achievements in our world and you will find they (the innovators) too were laughed at and sneered. It can be lonely to be a dreamer or innovator. Follow your bliss and close your eyes and ears to negative remarks. Uranus is sitting right on top of your ‘success’ area waiting for you to act, he doesn’t have much patience. Saturn the ‘teacher’ is demanding attention and discipline. Taking care of your health is top priority; proper nutrition, exercise and wellness checkups a must. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and fortuitous happenings is smiling as you end negative relationships, work, etc. and begin new undertakings, relationships and expanding your horizons. Allow positive and creative energy flow through your entire physical and spiritual bodies. Feel all the benefits and rewards by doing so. Mantra: I alone have control over my life and destiny.

Leo: July 23rd August 22nd Ruler The Sun

As the sun provides warmth and nurtures the earth so you do the same to and for all you know and meet! You Lions and Lionesses are the Kings and Queens of your environment and social group. Just as the sun is a Star in our solar system, so you too are a ‘star’ of the family, work area, always on stage and you shine in anything you decide to take on. This year be ready for adventure and renewed determination for what it is you feel your destiny. The ‘light’ will be shone upon you in personal, social and business areas. If still in school, you will be selected or elected (should you decide to run) for a prominent position. You have the ability and knack for handling people and situations as they arise. Your charm and glib tongue like gold, hard to reject. In romantic situations be careful of overextending yourself. Better to promise yourself to one individual with whom you feel comfortable and warm rather than spreading yourself too thin. You love the attention and adulation but at times it’s overkill. You are a proud person and it carries over to your friends and family. There is your real treasure and sources of wisdom and truth. Stay close to those who have been and always will be there for you and vice versa. Your talents for teaching and instructing, especially the young, may be needed this year, either inside or outside the family. If you have a leaning towards the theater, hone your craft and seek out those who can aid you in getting started. Most advantageous months for this endeavor would be summer into fall. Venus and Uranus will be together for quite a while this year; they are in perfect relationship to your Sun Sign. Without notice or warning an opportunity could come up for you in the area of your expertise. Be sure you have everything lined up so you may take full advantage of offers and opportunities. For some of you, it may mean you have to relocate and quickly. Your ability to be charming and communicate in a unique manner is sure to make you a standout when Jupiter presents you with a gem. It seems for the past few years your duties and work load has doubled but your income has not. This is about to change, but be frugal and not liberal with you extra monies. If you have been waiting for a long promised inheritance or law suit to come to an end….this could be the year. There will be a lunar eclipse in February; this could have you excited and challenged at the same time. Something, anything which has needed to end could now be happening. It may have seemed it never would and when it does it’s difficult to comprehend. Rejoice and take the good that comes with it, but don’t gloat. During the course of the year, joint funds may need a new look; perhaps it’s not such a good idea.

Mantra: my heart and mind are opened to all that is positive and enlightening

Virgo: August 23rd September 22nd Ruler Mercury

The first comment on your sign usually is; ‘oh you are the picky ones of the zodiac’! No, you are the perfectionist of the zodiac. This often means ‘cleaning up after and mending others’ mistakes and carelessness.’ Another misnomer; ‘you are the virgin sign!’ Some of the most sexy and glamourous people are/were Virgos. Greta Garbo, Lauren (Betty) Bacall, Richard Gere, Sean Connery, Raquel Welsh, Ingrid Bergman, Arline Feit to name a few. However, I would be remiss if I did not point out that you are most critical; mostly of yourselves. Your innate ability along with sharp skills to find the ‘needle in the haystack ‘will serve you well the entire year. Editing, revamping and changing words or scripts also rescheduling times and places of events, meetings and appointments. In other words, you can look forward to many changes in your work, play and home life. Someone once wrote; ‘the best laid plans of mice and men sometimes go awry.’ Pay close attention to incoming and outgoing monies in both professional and personal life. With Neptune visiting your area of partnerships, etc.; you can look forward to ‘helping’ and counseling those close to you. If you have a position of ‘being in charge’ you will find many people with ‘that special something’ and employ them. You have the ability to read more than their resume; you have insight into their character and potential. The three planets that will most affect you this year are Mercury, Venus and Saturn! When these planets go into retrograde motion you may be affected in a negative way. This can be avoided by knowing when this is happening; if you are not sure, contact me and I’ll give you the information that may be helpful. Neptune, the dreamy planet of illusion may tend to cloud you practical vision of some individuals who enter or reenter your life this year. Pay attention to that inner voice; it will never deceive you. Since you seem to be ageless admirers are coming from everywhere it seems. If married or in a committed relationship this could be a problem. Your ego may override your good sense of restraint. If single, enjoy the adulation and attention just don’t believe everything that is said. It seems Pluto is conspiring with Neptune to bring in new and old ‘flames’. If you can’t stand the heat put out the fire. All will be well if you employ your strongest weapon; RESISTANCE! Uranus planet of innovation and sudden happenings brings to you the ability to take and make good use of material gifts. You living conditions may be altered by some coming in and/or going out. The planet of fortune and expansion is moving through your area of $$$, a windfall of sorts could come; but just as quickly it may go out. Budget, budget, budget is the rule. The Solar Eclipse end of February could affect your #1 relationship, don’t be surprise with changes in that area. Passion and progress may have new meaning for you this year.

Mantra: As I image my Path it becomes a reality.

Libra: September 23rd October 22nd Ruler Venus

Yours is the only sign of the zodiac that is not represented by an animal or human; your symbol is The Scales. You measure and weigh and analyze everything that comes before you! In personal affairs you do this for so long that you miss many opportunities in school, work and love. This year focus on what it is you need and want and make a choice; at least the loss or gain will be your decision. You are the ‘diplomat’ of the zodiac, your charm and willingness to help bring together those who cannot ‘see’ the other’s point of view. Your thoughtfulness and ability to see all sides of a situation allows others to trust you and thus compromise is reached. Some of the best judges, lawyers, arbitrators and police people are born under the sign of Libra. Sightless Justice is depicted holding the scales; fairness and not prejudice guides your every decision. 2017 brings to you all the positive benefits of Jupiter. Expansion, good fortune and opportunities will be presented. Your response will determine your great or minor success. Since Uranus is moving through your opposite sign, Aries, all may come fast and furious; be ready. If you decide you need more movement of your body, some form of exercise, dancing may be the answer. Worry and pent up emotion is your biggest foe; if worry solved problems you would not have any, think of that when this negative emotion creeps into your consciousness. Make an effort to begin each day with a positive thought which you should repeat several times during the day, if only silently. IE ‘I will allow only that which is productive and enjoyable to enter my thoughts and emotions this day!’ Afterward say a prayer or meditation mantra. For some, the need to update living area or completely change how and where you live is a ‘must’. Changes and revamping is most likely to occur during this year during the spring time. Neptune is encouraging you to dream more about the life you desire and may not be living now. When dreams become reality it’s a beautiful happening. For those who are ‘single’ and seeking love Uranus may bring exciting people in and out during the year. This may not be the year you connect with the ‘permanent one’; but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun looking. For those who are in a relationship, partnership, changes could occur that will bind closer or separate. This can be a positive happening and may only be a short period of time that is good for all concerned. Self-discipline and visualization are the keys to your success in all areas this year. Late in the year, Jupiter moves into you area of income; this could mean more $$$ coming in but not without more energy and change being spent. Your instincts are correct and your expertise is needed in many areas of your field. Offers and contracts could come to you from many areas. During the year make plans for short getaways; this will give you a respite from the daily routine.

Mantra: The importance is not in knowing but in understanding.

Scorpio: October 23rd November 21st Ruler(s) Mars/Pluto

The most passionate, deep, sexy, lofty, etc. etc. ones of the zodiac! You have two octaves; the lowly scorpion that stings and kills its mate to feed her children; the high flying eagle who can see for miles and soars where others not dare. The choice is yours this year, which will you be? You also have two rulers, Mars, who fears nothing; Pluto the Lord of depths, ever seeking and searching and ultimately finding. You instinctively know all the angle and ins and outs merely by scanning the scene and that which is within. This year your rulers will guide you in choosing a new path or encourage you to keep on the one which you have chosen to walk. Yours is a ‘fixed water sign; tranquil and flowing when pleased and happy, frozen ice when crossed or betrayed. Your mission this year is to remain calm and accept that which you cannot change or ‘fix’. Let things go and flow. Incidentally, when you need some R&R relaxing near water is a good idea. At this time the planet of expansion and good fortune is moving through your area of the ‘past’ and karma. He is bringing to you what you deserve from your past efforts. It also may bring back ‘the past’ in the form of memories, people and deeds. You will get what you deserve and need, not necessarily what you want or think you’re entitled to having. Later in the year this fortuitous planet moves over your Sun; this is a once in 12 year cycle. Take full advantage of all the positive perks it will bring by preparing for the benefits now. Planning, saving, doing what must be done, and being open in heart and mind. When Jupiter moves through Scorpio you will find it easier to get backing, help and encouragement for what your plans demand. Set in motion schedules, budgets well thought out plans for expansion, or changes in all areas of your life. By this time, Saturn should have encouraged or forced you to stick to a spending limit and if there were legal matters they should be long over by now. You are the BEST at keeping secrets; however, others may not be as closed mouth as you and trusting. If you have something which must and should not be told, don’t! Nothing is a secret once you’ve told another. Somehow, someway it will be revealed. Suffer in silence and you will not be sorry, tell and you may regret it. You may not be aware that there is someone in the work place, school or neighborhood that has a crush on you. This could be fun for a while but if you allow it to go further you won’t be laughing. You may look forward to receiving recognition for a ‘service’ or a talent you possess this can be a boost that your ego needs and enjoys attaining.

Mantra: I will make the impossible inevitable!

Sagittarius: November 22nd December 20th Ruler Jupiter

You children of Jupiter are expansion, gregarious, charming and love to travel, both in mind and body. This year your ruler will be passing over your area of hopes and dreams, also friends and acquaintances. All that you’ve planned worked and struggled and dreamed of attaining over the past years may now become reality. By your enthusiasm you encourage others to take part and promote your ideas and vision. You are bold, never brash and believe so strongly that it becomes contagious, infecting others with hope and knowing. Your faith and belief that the Universe is ‘with you’ allows others to believe you are a person of Destiny. Just as you dream big you also play big; this is fine as long as you don’t overextend your bank account or piggy bank. Unlike many others on this wheel of life you do not think or live ‘small’. Even though it may not be true, some see you as a person of ‘means’. You project an aura of ‘I’ve made it!’ Over the past few years the opposite of your ruler, Saturn has been sitting on you. This is not completely negative. The ‘discipline planet’ has encouraged some and forced others to live within their means and not to be free with their time or money. Think of Saturn as the teacher you had in grade school who was demanding and often (you thought) cruel. As you matured you realized that teacher is what you needed to get your creative and mental minds stimulated. With all the roadblocks, demands and hardships, some of you experienced, you have gotten through and are more determined than ever to succeed. Saturn is finishing his ‘inspection’ by the end of the year he’s gone for a long long time. Your friends are thought of as extended family and you treat and love them as such. Many of whom you may work, play and plan for the future. Always look up in all areas of your life, if you wish to be cultured and well informed, make friends with such types; if you wish to be monetarily successful, seek out those who are. Neptune, the dreamy and sometimes deceptive planet has been sitting in your area of home, beginnings and endings for a while. Since ‘illusion’ and fantasy is her thing, you may not have thought through moving, buying, selling or renting properties. Dreaming is a wonderful state as long as you are asleep, reality is difficult. As you ‘awaken’, you should be able to settle all you home life dilemmas. Neptune loves water, especially moving water; an investment in such a dwelling could bring rewards. Be sure to check the Mercury retrograde times and dates before signing contracts, etc. For a while this year, Uranus will be with Venus. This may bring surprises in the social and romantic area of your life. If single, there may be many exciting liaisons, fun but perhaps not lasting. If ‘attached’ flirting could lead to a sticky situation; look the other way. If you have children there may be awards or some sort of acknowledgment for their talent or scholastic achievements.

Mantra: I project wellness, goodness and success

Capricorn: December 21st January 19th Ruler Saturn

You daughters and sons of Saturn are ‘no nonsense’ people! Of all the signs of the zodiac you are the most cautious and sometimes caustic, always ambitious and willing to work hard to achieve your goals. 2017 is no exception to working hard and long and expecting the rewards and praise for your accomplishments. Your symbol the mountain goat is a high climber and often can be seen walking straight up the side of a mountain to get to the top. Danger, and challenges do not deter you; fear is a negative for others. In fact, some of you may believe, ‘the only sin is FEAR. Your ruler is now having a stay in your area of karmic and self-undoing. Your nemesis may well be that you expect others to think and do as you. This could be a mistake and lead to set backs and ‘do overs’. At times, it may be difficult for you to convey to others your plan or the ‘way you want it done’. Try two approaches, in writing as well as verbal. You have difficulty entrusting others with your work or objectives; seek out a Virgo or Cancer type. In health matters this year, it is important to eat and drink that which benefits and releases toxics from your body. Consul with a nutritionist and your health provider for best advice. As the planet of transformation moves through the area of SELF. You are growing and expanding in your thinking and realizing it’s good to share and glean information and help from those you trust. Learning more and accepting and loving yourself with your faults, shortcomings and at times lack of patience. This is a sign of maturity and acceptance it’s a wonderful thing. As the planet of illusion and mysticism moves over your area of communication and siblings, the veil of that which may have been hidden is coming into view. You have learned to be more giving and accepting of those who do not have your mental or physical capabilities. Your ability to communicate and appreciate those closest to your heart is something wonderful to behold. Uranus is at times disruptive and moves you in a direction you did not anticipate. For some of you, your home may be ‘invaded’ unexpectedly for a while, or someone may suddenly decide to move out. Either way there should be lots of activity in that area of your life. There may also be buying, moving or selling of property this year. At the end of the year, your ruler Saturn will come into your sun sign. This may mean for those born early in the sign a marriage or commitment of sorts; it also can bring a child or pet into the house. Whatever comes it will be a responsibility; one which you welcome and well know how to handle it. During the end of this year and into the next you have an urgent sense of accomplishing and gaining in material ways. The great Benefic, Jupiter is over your area of honor and success for most of this year. This is a sure sign that recognition will come. With Uranus and Jupiter in opposite areas, the rise in your career/work/school areas may necessitate a move, quickly. Plan for the unexpected and you won’t be harried. By the end of the year you should be well established and on your way to a place you wish to be. Mantra: I create my success, happiness and belief system!

Aquarius: January 20th February 18th Ruler Uranus

Aquarius, you are the unusual and special ones of the zodiac; easy to love not so easy to understand. Many mistakenly believe the Water Bearer is pouring water from his jug; NO he is pouring electricity. He is spilling out ideas, innovative and never before thought of solutions, hoping what he offers will benefit all of human kind. You are the true humanitarians of the world; selfless and willing to give freely what you have to others. Many believe the ‘flower children’ of the 1960s were created by the fact it was the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. But, that is for another time another writing. In love, in work, in education you require much freedom and release from the confines of society. At this time, your ruler, Uranus is moving over your area of communication and distribution of information. The ideas may be coming fast and furious and making an impact on those receiving them. Your thinking is fluid and fast at this time. In work you are adaptable, in school; changes can occur, in love, variety is the spice of life. In your area of the past and karma Pluto may be bringing back to you people, ideas, and debts unpaid and those owed to you. During the course of this year you may be asked to participate in a charitable group, you may even head it and make it a success. This year, you are provided with insight into this life and perhaps other times as well. Pay attention to your dreams much information and ideas could come from the astral plane. The entire year you juggle the practical and the spiritual. No sign is better equipped to do this but yours. Saturn is sitting in your areas of friends, hopes and wishes. This is challenging and often times tiring, especially when you’re bogged down with ‘friends’ and their problems. Help them when you can but do not take on the negatives, dispel them by not owning them. The great expansion planet Jupiter is over your area of foreign people and place and also your higher mind. You may expect those from other places and some much ‘different’ than you to come into your life. This should broaden your thinking and expose you to thoughts and ideas never before experienced. For some, a spiritual or religious awakening may occur. In addition, you could learn another language and or express a desire to know more about another culture. All exciting, new and informative; some influences will stay for a short time others for a lifetime. Mantra: I am here to discover and evolve to my Higher Self

Pisces: February 19th March 20th Ruler Neptune

Pisces the artist, the psychic, the martyr for love and peace. Your compassion and giving heart is not understood by many. One of the lessons (hopefully) you will learn this year is to love yourself as much as you do others. Being ruled by Neptune to tend to be clouded by your goodness and caring for everyone. Many of you when you realize you have been ‘dupped’ you turn to substances to ‘forget’ or not feel the pain. This year, your ruler is passing over your sun sign; as you have matured perhaps you can glean that which is wonderful and leave that which is harmful in the past. Those of you STRONG in your sign are the artists, dancers, creators of the world. You can also impart that which you know to others and thus keep the arts going globally. Most in the ‘artsy’ field never will get rich, but you will inspire and be gratified by your efforts. This year, for those ‘professionals’ you may team up with others and form a far reaching service for which you should be well paid. It is geared towards being fit and learning an art form; children should be encouraged as well as adults to join ‘the club’. Your health and feeling of being useful is attached to your ability to be creative and productive. I would encourage those of you with an idea or a dream to implement them this year. Pisces rules the feet, dance the year away. Some of you may have been disenchanted with your previous associates or friends; this year promises new and more reliable and dependable and caring souls will enter your life. If you are an entrepreneur explore the need for innovative as well as fun activities in your area. You can add to or increase your income depending upon how much time you’re willing to devote to the activity. You have a most unusual persona; this can be a positive for any type of endeavor that requires a hint of mystery or a distraction from the norm. When seeking answers go within and you will not be disappointed. Be prepared for a busy and productive year, you will gain as much as you are willing to give. Mantra: I have a body and a soul; what I give to my body will soon be lost, what I give to my Soul remains forever.

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