When someone has a birthday, we might say, ‘happy birthday’, or ‘many happy returns’. Many Happy Returns is astrological talk because it carries with it the concept of the solar return. The moment in time when the Sun transits the exact place it was situated at birth. In other words, the Sun returns to its natal place or position. This is a time of renewal, of being ‘re born’ or reenergizing. This is a tremendous opportunity to harness great reserves of Sun energy to vitalize and intensify whatever creative endeavor we set by conscious intention. You should note, the Solar Return may not be the same as your actual birth date, or the time may differ. It is the degree of the Sun when you were born that determines the date. You may find you Solar Return can be a day or two earlier or later than the birth date. With this said let’s talk about the coming year and what you may expect from it. Keeping in mind, ‘the stars impel, but they do not compel’. It is the fool who is fated by the stars, the wise person who is guided by them.

For instance if; your natal or birth Saturn is now conjunct or next to Venus, your solar return…..this could mean an ‘old love’ or karmic love may come back into your life. This is a soul you have been with many times and will be again until you never part or fulfill your karma destiny together.
I, as an astrologer use a number of ‘techniques’ or forecasting; primarily transits (the planets that are ‘hitting’ you now) Progressions, where you have progressed, and Returns, in this case, Solar Return; simply the Sun has ‘returned’ to the place it was at your birth…. The exact time of one’s solar return is a sacred annual event for it happens at only one specific moment in the year. The ‘seed’ is planted for the coming year and the events and challenges that will occur. When your birthday time approaches make an effort to be in a special place and take time to be alone and with reference/meditation welcome yourself once again to this plane. Set the stage, burn candles, have your favorite music playing, and face the east, the place where the Sun rises. Also, have artifacts such as stones, jewelry or anything that has meaning for you. Display them in a circle and meditate upon them. If there is another you feel close to, you may have them attend the ceremony. This ‘meditation’ should last into and slightly beyond the solar return moment. When it has passed, give thanks and do whatever seems appropriate for you at this time. You have now set the foundation of your coming year and have evoked all the positives that life has to offer on this plane. The Sun is what you are becoming, (the future, and your growth potential; the earth is where you have incarnated, your body, your being. Don’t be late for this moment, or you may be symbolically late throughout the entire year, and as we know, ‘timing is everything’. Some things that may happen for you, follows.

If the Sun of your solar return falls in the 2nd house, there is great emphasis on your values and how you attract and deal with financial matters the results, often financial, of your efforts will prove that you will reap the benefits of your hard work and planning. Overall this placement favors growth in income, savings, and security.

Solar Return Venus is on the 5th house cusp; relationships, love matters, romantic interests, compatibility and harmony with others is highlighted. You experience popularity, a bit more than you want or need at times. It denotes you exhibit good taste, and style. You will come across artistic and creative types. You make contacts that you will use later on, personally or in business and as a mediator between others. This could result in added monies not expected….a commission of sorts.

If Saturn is in the area of home…you may experience many obligations and demands and much work here. Patience and self-control are needed; much frustration can be encountered due to ‘delays’ of your desired goals in this area of your life. Set backs on a time table could happen as Saturn sometime delays that which we desire. Karma; (It may be 4 years before changes can occur in this area.)

If Your Solar Return has Pluto on 3rd of communications…in this area you experience potential greatness and influence others with considerable power. THE IRON FIST IN THE VELVET GLOVE! Often times, something ‘dies’ here, a healing may be necessary, it could be a physical loss or an emotional one…or both. There are many emotional changes, those you care a great deal for hurt you; this may not be a purposely hurt, but nonetheless it does hurt. Also, this is not a good time to relocate the family… Incidentally, if you could be in another longitude or latitude for your next birthday that can all change. the islands, a different coast…not necessary but it a possibility.

If the ‘action’ planet Mars is in harmonious aspect to your horizon or house of self. You are charged and energetic and self directed. Your pioneering spirit can be a great aid in starting another venture or ventures.
Also, if Pluto is in harmonious aspect…you feel and express tremendous power and influence over others. You have the ability to positively affect the lives of others to help them and yourself in making a successful transformation. You are a psychologist/detective. Great insight and discovery. Get rid of things and thoughts that no longer are relevant in your life.
If the ‘return’ of Mercury is trine to your house of ‘honor and success’! The year is one of great success in business. The key is effective and timely communication. Financial affairs tend to go well this year…it favors appreciation of income and saving, (your own) and you may come into possessions of ‘valuable goods’.
And so, I as One who studies and knows the value of a personal Solar Return can impart much valuable information to you.