Astrology Exoteric and Esoteric


Astrology may be studied and interpreted without entertaining any ideas of reincarnation and karma. A physical body can be examined and studied without regard to the soul or spirit. Neither would give us a complete ‘answer’. We are spiritual intelligence and come into human form to gain experience in order to move to higher realms. As you have heard before, ‘we are spiritual beings having a material/human experience’. Masters or “Gods” have come to earth to teach us that fact, but unfortunately, we form religious beliefs instead of ‘learning lessons’. Esoteric is the inner/unknown meaning of a subject while exoteric is the outer or mundane. We must look at both to discover the truth. One cannot escape one’s destiny. When one comes to this plane, one knows instinctively ‘the mission’ and it is accepted long before we take human form. The difficulty with getting involved with astrology or any occult or hidden study is that once something is ‘known’ it cannot be denied. It would be like trying to ‘un ring a bell’. As a result, I am bound to tell the truth as I know and believe it to be. Madam Blavatsky said: ‘there is no religion higher than truth!’ ‘As above so below’; ‘on earth as it is in heaven’. We are earth-bound in our bodies but not in mind and spirit. And so, you are limited only in your thinking; anything you can imagine, you can bring to fruition. The law of karma (cause and affect) teaches that our future depends and is largely the result of our past; both here on earth and in past lifetimes.
The Natal Horoscope is a remarkable document! The ascendant, Sun, Moon and Mercury are the chief factors in one’s horoscope. They are the ‘communicators’ and ‘translators’ between spirit, soul and body. The Sun represents the life and energies in the body. It governs the heart, the will and moral attitudes. The Moon represents the lower part of the brain; spinal cord and sympathetic system, closely associated with the senses. It denotes the interaction between thought, feelings and the psychic or if you prefer the intuitive nature; also the moods and changes of consciousness. Mercury represents cerebo-spinal nervous system. It is the Keeper of the Tower. There are (up till now) five known senses; four (sight, hearing, taste and smell) are in the Tower, only one is below, the sense of touch. Every 26,000 years the time (give or take a few) it takes all the planets to line up as they were at a given point of the zodiac; a ‘superior’ person is born. Every 2,000 years a ‘special soul’ comes in and a new religion begins to set the tone in which s/he is born.Every century a person is born who ‘stands out’ morally and inspires us. Every decade one is born who is ‘ahead of his/her time. Each year one comes in who inspires us to rise above mediocrity. Each month one is born, usually on a New Moon, who inspires and appears to be outstanding.

When the pineal gland retired into the brain and the third eye ceased to function, human kind could no longer ‘walk with the gods’. However, the memory of the gods lingered on to become a focus on ‘why am I here’, ‘who am I’. When one realizes one’s uniqueness s/he once again walks with the gods.

May the Masters beam their golden light your way and help you with your mission here.

Blessings, peace and love

From the heart,