Inner Circle


The New Year is quickly coming and we wonder how we will be affected by world and personal happenings; also, how we can succeed and follow our destiny. However, to have success andto fulfill your Destiny, you must first know your destiny. Knowing how to maneuver around challenges, and obstacles is the key to a happier more productive life. Becoming negative or avoiding situations is not the answer. Being proactive and positiveis.

I want to take this opportunity and invite you to become better informed and to have a guide to expand your horizons and be prepared for whatever comes your way.

You should know that your Birth Chart (horoscope) is like a book; a plan for your biography—your life’s path. Today is when your Life begins; all the information is there and now is the time for me to interpret it for you. Remember, the stars impel but they do not compel! It is the fool who is ruled by the stars but the wise who are guided by them.

Together we can bring your personal, business and social life to a happier and more productive place.