It is my belief that everyone on this planet is unique! Further, each one has an individual and destined purpose. My purpose is to guide others to know and understand their destiny. Allowing each individual to take control and responsibility for all they are, do and become, by using their free will. Thus awakening and challenging them to reach and ultimately surpass their goals. Making life and living a spiritual as well as a materially rewarding and fulfilling experience. My ultimate goal is to ‘awaken’ humanity to the awesome power that is within.


Antoinette Day is a renowned and internationally known astrologer. For over forty years she has studied and been associated with the world’s most respected astrologers, such as Cardinal George Legros, John McCormick, and Evangeline Farrell, better known as ‘The Futurist’. She was for many years, astrologer to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Antoinette’s clients come from all walks of life, from world decision makers to homemakers, as well as European royalty. She is the first astrologer to have her own program and to give astrological forecasts live on national television. Antoinette has written astrology columns for both fashion and show business publications. She was featured nationally every month on TV. A personal consultation with her could command thousands of dollars. Now, she has made her personal astrological services available to everyone who wants to ‘know’.

The stars light our path but we must walk it.
It is the fool who is ruled by his/her stars; the wise person who is guided by them.